Hey peepsss!
sorry if I dont write a post from a veryy long time!
how are you guys?
Well I'm fine,but i've been very busy with my exams.
Anyway yesterday Elisabetta,my friend came to my house and I took some pictures of her :)
anddd here they are! what do you think about them?
ohh and check out www.hypeed.com ! I'm on the home pagee! yayy!



Hey peeps :)
Do you guys like The Pretty Reckless? As you can see,the title of this post is "You"! It's one of my fav song of the album Light me up! I love Tay Momsen! she's rocksss

So here are my last pictures :) hope you like this look! i've already published one picture of this outfit in another post.

xxx Aly

Light me up.

So this is my Saturday look.
It's kinda simple and really confy!I'm in love with my Jeffery Campbell shoes, they're so easy to walk on!
I had a really nice night yesterday with my friends,I super duper love them :) haha
Oh,and what do you think about my rings? My dad bought them for me!
I'm really obsessed with Alexander McQueen as you can see!
How was your weekend?
Lots of love 
Here are some pictures with my lovely friends :)


Hey peeps,
sorry! it's been a very long time from the last time that i wrote my last post!
I'm really busy,hope you guys will forgive mee..
Anyways i've been busy with school and guess what! I've been in Jakarta this December and met my family and my lovely friends and after that i went to Japan for the third time,i'm in love with Tokyo!
I love all the lights and the people there are just great..Oh and also the shopping ofcourse!
This holiday has been really special cause my cousin gave birth to a lovely girl Alessandra :) She's adorable!
So.. Here are my last pictures of my last outfit to welcome 2011! Hope you all will have a blasttt this year!
I'll post the pictures i tooken in Japan asappp!They're so many!
lots of love,
Aly xxx

I Can Feel Your Heartbeat Running Through Me.

Finalmente è Venerdì e domani non si va a scuola!
Questa settimana è stata pesantissima..Per fortuna sta per finire :)
Queste foto sono di ieri,spero che vi piacciono!

eccovi delle foto che non avevo mai pubblicato :)
spero che vi piacciono.