Hey peeps,
sorry! it's been a very long time from the last time that i wrote my last post!
I'm really busy,hope you guys will forgive mee..
Anyways i've been busy with school and guess what! I've been in Jakarta this December and met my family and my lovely friends and after that i went to Japan for the third time,i'm in love with Tokyo!
I love all the lights and the people there are just great..Oh and also the shopping ofcourse!
This holiday has been really special cause my cousin gave birth to a lovely girl Alessandra :) She's adorable!
So.. Here are my last pictures of my last outfit to welcome 2011! Hope you all will have a blasttt this year!
I'll post the pictures i tooken in Japan asappp!They're so many!
lots of love,
Aly xxx


Anonimo ha detto...

nice outfit girl!!

Alessia Gunawan ha detto...

thank youuu :)

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